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Empowerment Through Collaboration


Doing the Right Thing

We are proud to be the only not for profit health informatics consultancy in the UK. We are a close-knit and specialist team of genuine recognised experts in our respective fields, bound together with one goal in mind, to do the best we can for patients and healthcare providers. Every single member of our team has been hand picked because of their core values and are all committed to introducing a new model of partnership working into the public sector, one in which the only driver is doing the right thing by patients and staff. This not for profit model delivers truly unrivalled value for money to our partners.

Our Team

Andrew Frith


Andrew is a top-class health informatics expert , with decades of executive experience in the sector. Andrew’s stellar CV is almost too extensive to cover here but he has held CIO, CTO, and strategic advisory roles in the NHS, third sector and arms length bodies, as well as working for two of the big four consultancies, and founding and running successful commercial businesses.

Andrew is invaluable to us in combining an absolutely rock solid set of values with business acumen and healthcare consultancy expertise. He also happens to be a really nice guy too.


Anne Cooper

Clinical director

Until recently Chief Nurse at NHS Digital, Anne is immensely experienced and highly regarded figure within healthcare informatics. A national leader in driving the digital nursing agenda, she has experience in strategy and leadership development, requirements and design, clinical safety and deployment. As a T1 Diabetes patient, she is also a passionate advocate of ensuring the patients and citizens have an equal voice in the health and care system.

Outside of both work and being a Twitter addict (@anniecoops) Anne is in love with her cats Rory and Dobby.

Founding director

Thomas Webb

Thomas is a founding director of EHC and an experienced health informatics consultant, having worked exclusively for and with the NHS for over a decade. Thomas’ expertise lies in Digital Strategy, business case development, procurement and commercials and project and programme delivery. 

Thomas' entire extended family work for the NHS, and so Thomas just bloody loves the NHS and everything it stands for. And don't even get him started on snow sports.


Founding director

Steve Loveridge

Steve is a founding director of EHC and widely experienced healthcare informatics professional, with expertise in transformation programme delivery, including Director level for NPfIT. Steve has one of the most diverse skills sets in EHC, from Six Sigma/Lean process improvement to training strategy to clinical application expertise.

Steve is one of a long line of Steve Loveridges, and has continued the tradition with his son. Which makes asking for Steve Loveridge in his house an interesting experience.



Luke Drewer


Luke is our infrastructure expert and loves a good server or two. Luke has spent his whole career as a technologist, starting from the ground up to leading an entire organisation of techies. Luke’s skillset is wide ranging but he specialises in compute and hosting and cyber security.

Although EHC is bursting with nice people, Luke is definitely up there as extraordinarily nice. Luke has an unexpected passion for marching bands, and once he’s conquered the world of tech, Luke’s dream is to develop the largest marching band in the UK


Alex Tepielow


There's simply nothing Alex doesn't know about imaging. Alex has spent his career working for both suppliers and Trusts implementing imaging systems, giving Alex outstanding technical knowledge, but also a deep understanding of clinical processes and workflow. This all makes him our go to guy in supporting Trusts implement strategic imaging solutions.

Like all our team, Alex is a really nice guy, and as a Yorkshireman has an inbuilt ability to consistently save Trusts a lot of money. 

Alison Golightly


Alison is extremely well regarded in NHS Informatics circles, particularly in Child Health. So well regarded in fact that she has just currently authored the NHS Children's Health Digital Strategy and is now leading its implementation. Alison has considerable experience of mental health and community process change and transformation, having been part of the NPFiT delivery team.

Outside of NHS work, Alison is a trained counsellor and is also an extremely adept artist.

Dr Steve Black

PRINCIPAL ASSOCIATE- Data analytics and insight

Steve is our in-house data scientist. From a PhD and background in Chemistry, Steve moved into healthcare in the early 2000’s, helping design the 4 hour A&E target amongst other early work for the DoH.

Steve’s forte is helping NHS organisations gain practical insight from their data, and in turn make pragmatic and effective changes to processes to drive efficiencies and improvements to care.