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Digital transformation

Our Digital transformation services focus on developing strategic programmes that will actually be delivered and sustained. Our transformation programmes do not have a technical focus; purely technical transformation is a waste of time if people don't understand the 'why' behind it. We firmly believe that true transformation can only come from within- it has to be led and delivered by the staff providing the service in partnership with users. With this in mind, our approach is one of inclusiveness and co-production. Staff must feel like they own transformation initiatives, but also be provided with the right strategic framework in which to deliver lasting change. We employ a range of techniques from value chain mapping, novel benefits management approaches and cultural base-lining to offer a service that is a cut above the transformation initiatives offered by other consultancies.  

enterprise imaging

The days of a PACS and RIS are numbered, with VNAs now the de facto choice for Trusts. However, it is important that Trusts fully understand the potential that a true VNA can offer, with image storage moving towards being a commodity and service. The universal nature of a VNA enables Trust to look to deconstruct their traditional PACS and RIS configurations, enabling a flexible 'best of breed' model, whereby voice recognition, image manipulation and universal viewers can all be standalone software instances. This in itself allows Trusts to the flexibility to rapidly amend their imaging application portfolio as technology and user needs advance. In our experience, we also find significant improvements in value for money, which is always a good thing.

We can develop imaging strategies and enterprise imaging solutions for Trusts, develop business cases in no time at all, support procurements and commercial negotiations, or support implementations. We're happy to add value in any way we can.

Informatics Service efficiency and effectiveness

As with all areas of the NHS, Informatics management teams are being asked to improve the efficiency of their services. Efficiency and effectiveness improvement can take a number of forms, and as such our services are very much tailored to the specific needs of our partner Trusts.  We very much recognise that efficiency and effectiveness are not the same thing- there is little point making an ineffective process more efficient. So the first area we look at is effectiveness, using value chain mapping and enterprise architecture analysis. In terms of effectiveness, we use a variety of tools such as Lean and ITIL expertise to improve specific service areas, dependent upon the scope of the challenge. We also provide Project, Programme and Portfolio management assurance, using the P3M3 model to identify areas to improve service delivery, as well as the expertise to develop roadmaps to guide the improvement journey.


Benefits management is a bit of an anomaly in the NHS. Informatics services are being asked to do more and more with less money, meaning that it is more important than ever to ensure that investments deliver as much benefit as possible. And yet benefits management is rarely used, if even recognised. We want to change this. Our service is much much more than just training staff on the usual standard practices, as we feel benefits management is not a handful of spreadsheets, its a inherent mindset.  It is benefits being the core focus of everything the Informatics team does, it is understanding what value is to users and patients, and it is about staff recognising how they contribute to the quality of care provided and the well-being of their clinical colleagues. It is a culture change first and foremost, with the change being made through evidence based processes embedding benefits into processes from the start. We feel particularly passionate about this area of our work and love doing it. 

business cases

Like benefits management, business cases is another area we feel doesn't get the attention it deserves. The NHS is under financial pressure, with decisions about what best to invest in more important than ever before. Yet Trusts often focus more on delivering investments well rather than checking the investments are the right ones in the first place. As we know, many investment initiatives in a Trust overrun and overspend, and poor project management is often blamed. But in reality, the best project manager in existence won't be able to deliver against unrealistic forecasts established in a business case, yet few Trusts examine the ongoing accuracy of their business cases. EHC seek to address this issue through business case templates, business case training and on-demand business case assurance and advice. However, in addition we very much recognise that a culture change is a prerequisite to improving business cases, as inevitably, an accurate business case involves a lot more research, time and effort. We therefore strive to ensure that senior leadership behaviours are in place before co-producing business case documentation and processes with key stakeholders.

COMMUNITY AND MENTAL HEALTH EPR configuration and optimisation

EHC specialises in end to end configuration of community and mental health systems and we believe we are the best team in the market to help you get your system working the way you need, both technically and clinically (and with a very short lead time). We offer a holistic range of services, from user engagement, process redesign and change management areas, to the more technical areas of system build and configuration, including workflows, mobile working and supporting mobile applications. Whatever the need you can be sure we will provide fully tailored service from business analysis, configuration, testing and UAT to training, remediation planning and system optimisation, ensuring the solutions meet your needs.

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