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Our Values

Patients Over Profit

Our Values

We believe that true partnership with the NHS can only be achieved through trust and alignment of values. Simply put, the ultimate and overarching objective of any private enterprise is to deliver profits for shareholders. In interactions with the NHS, these means private companies prioritising profit over patient care, frequently compromising on quality to protect profit margins.

We passionately believe there is another way- a consultancy that places patients over profit, aligned with the values of the NHS.

With no focus on profit margins, EHC is able to be a purely value based organisation. Our values are therefore at the core of everything we do- the behaviours we demonstrate and the improvement and changes we seek to deliver to the NHS. Our values are:

Our values and not for profit status afford us the ability to go above and beyond to support the NHS in every way we can. We are able to offer enhanced value for money and to establish a genuine relationship with our NHS partners, one in which both parties are only concerned with improving patient care.